The blog of Dr. John H. Watson – The Visitor

221B gets a visitor.
From BBC’s Sherlock, John Watson’s character blog gets hacked.
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Who lives in a house like this?
It’s only meee~
How clean is your house? {reference to a TV show of the same name}
I smell baking. It’s apple pie. The glorious Mrs. Hudson.
God, look at the wall.
So here we are: Sherlock Holmes HQ.
Too many notes. {reference to the movie Amadeus}
Boring, boring.
He’s put headphones on it, good god.
Books books books…
What do we have here? Temper temper temper…
A skull!? I wonder what your skull would look on my wall.
More skulls, more skulls.
Market stall tat…
How the hours must fly by…
Alas, poor Sherlock, I knew you well. (laugh) {oft misquoted from Hamlet}
Time to go, time to go. (laugh, fade out)