Sherlock and John’s First Meeting – A Study In Pink – Sherlock – BBC

Sherlock uses his powers of deduction to suss out John for the first time. Taken from Sherlock: A Study In Pink.

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UFO Aliens In Area 51 Were Filmed For the First Time In Human History

UFO Aliens In Area 51 Were Filmed For the First Time In Human History

Area 51 in Nevada, US is like no other place on Earth
Many of you visited Area 51 Alien welcome center
Some of you even spent ,000 for a night with three boobs alien girl in a brother nearby
But only one of out 100 millions humans was really beyond this barbed wire
Inside these concrete buildings
Connected by underground tunnels stretching all the way to Denver in Colorado and Sierra Nevada in California
In the eyes of skeptics Area 51 looks something like this
In the eyes of believers it looks something like that
Today using actual footage, photos, satellites & reenactment from testimonies of CIA officers you shall learn the truth
In the middle of Area 51 there is a giant bunker that used to house actual alien space ship
Other bunkers used to house actual aliens – they were moved now and even CIA does not know where
They are empty now because they afraid President Trump will come and see what we about to show you
Actual Area 51 of Doctors working on Alien
Since 1960s the main goal of Area 51 was not only to recreate alien spacecrafts fro military use
But to mix human and alien DNA to create hybrid race
DNA they obtain from crashed UFO Aliens that was surprisingly 90%+ close to human
2015 Area 51 Alien Footage as it was aired on news
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The Globular Cluster Omega Centauri | First Images from the VLT Survey Telescope

The Globular Cluster Omega Centauri | First Images from the VLT Survey Telescope

New Telescope Opens Big Eye to Southern Skies
In this sequence we start with a wide view of the southern Milky Way. We then gradually zoom in on what initially appears to be a bright fuzzy star, the giant globular star cluster Omega Centauri. As we get close the cluster resolves into a ball of vast numbers of faint stars. The final image shows a very detailed new view of the cluster from the new VLT Survey Telescope (VST).

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Omega Centauri è un ammasso globulare distante 16.000 anni luce, con un diametro di circa 97 Anni Luce ed una massa di circa 5 milioni di Soli, risulta essere l’ammasso stellare più grande della galassia. Nel Gruppo galattico Locale, è secondo soltanto a Mayall 2, ubicato nella galassia di Andromeda. Omega Centauri contiene quasi 10 milioni di stelle, la cui distanza interstellare media è di soli 6 mesi luce. Per confronto, nei pressi del Sole che è ubicato nel Braccio a spirale di Orione, la distanza interstellare media è di 6 Anni Luce. Omega si può osservare ad occhio nudo nella costellazione del Centauro, brilla di 3° magnitudine e senza strumenti adeguati sembra semplicemente una stella, tant’è vero che in passato è stato scambiato per un astro qualunque ed è stato indicato con la lettera greca OMEGA, tipica designazione stellare. Con un telescopio rivela la sua vera natura, vale a dire un ammasso di ben 10 milioni di stelle !
Omega Centauri è derivato dall’interazione gravitazionale fra la Via Lattea ed una galassia nana satellite, della quale è sopravvissuto solo il nucleo che ora costituisce l’ammasso. Al centro di Omega sono state individuate anomalie nei moti stellari, spiegabili con una grande concentrazione di massa puntiforme che perturba i movimenti orbitali delle stelle, accelerandoli. Una delle spiegazioni plausibili è la presenza di un buco nero centrale. Omega Centauri contiene soprattutto stelle evolute, di colore prevalentemente giallo, più o meno della stessa classe spettrale del Sole, ma sono presenti anche giganti rosse, una grande quantità di nane bianche, e stelle Vagabonde Blu (Blue Straggler) derivanti da fusioni stellari.
BLACK BLADE _ Two Steps From Hell
AURYN _ Brand X Music
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Girl Abduction By UFO Aliens Filmed For The First Time In Human History

We don’t make promises we cannot fulfill. As many of you asked. Actual footage from inside of Alien Spaceship is coming early January 2017. And it will be the most incredible thing you have even seen. Scientists asked us 1 month time to study it before it will be publicly aired and they shall get it.
Bridget Nielsen, Aluna Verse, Lucy Liu, Kesha, Coco Austin & hundreds women came up with lunatic alien abduction story. After seeing video the story doesn’t appear lunatic
4.00 PM November 24, 2016 Central California – UFO Spotted Over Northern CA Moving From Nevada
4.15 PM – 12 Feet (4 M) Gray alien spotted by Linda security camera near Sacramento. She called 911
4.30 PM – Local Sheriff deputy (note his is 6 Feet tall) interrupted his Thanksgiving & stopped by & found nothing. And, after seeing tape, said it was the weirdest trespassing prank.
6.00 PM – Nearby camper started to film strange lights in the wooded area, which he first mistook for the Moon
6.15 PM Once he came closer he realized that object is anything but a Moon
6.30 PM – UFO lowered in the same area. Linda took her iPhone and went to take a closer look
6.45 PM – Linda found herself sitting on 8 Feet (3 M) fence being sucked into UFO vortex on top of her
6.50 PM – Linda was about 100 Feet (30 M) in the air. Aliens abducted the girl & it was caught on security camera
1.00 AM November 25 Girl found unharmed but with a strange marks 500 miles away in Nevada
Linda (name changed per girl request) recorded on her iPhone everything that happened to her inside UFO
What we saw there was beyond incredible
November 28, 2016 Experts confirmed that footage is authentic no CGI. We will air it next month

Coordinate 1: 32 30.7651 S, 159 02.3935 W
Coordinate 2: 31 41.7236 N, 58 05.5429 W
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