streng geheim film Kosovo 99 Bundeswehr im Kampfeinsatz

Nach diesem Video siehst du Angela Merkel anders Angela Merkel verplappert sich! Hat sie das wirklich gesagt? Eklat im TV AFD Vorsitzende macht FDP Politiker fertig vor der Kamera Nach diesem Video siehst du Angela Merkel anders Angela Merkel verplappert sich! Hat sie das wirklich gesagt? Eklat im TV AFD Vorsitzende macht FDP Politiker fertig vor der Kamera Nach diesem Video siehst du Angela Merkel anders Angela Merkel verplappert sich! Hat sie das wirklich gesagt? Eklat im TV AFD Vorsitzende macht FDP Politiker fertig vor der Kamera Merkel ist wahnsinnig – Kanadisches Fernsehen liefert
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Abandoned Military Research Center from the German Wehrmacht WW2. – Verlassene Orte. Ehemalige Versuchsanstalt der Wehrmacht, Zustand Anfang 2012.
Die meißten Szenen hatte ich schon veröffentlicht, hier aber noch mal neu geschnitten in besserer Qualität. Hoffe es gefällt Euch !?
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UFO’S UNIVERSE | Full UFO Documentary Film. 1080p HD

UFO’S UNIVERSE | Full UFO Documentary Film. Case No: 4548 – 1080p HD

The enterprising alien who wants to visit Earth faces a number of daunting challenges. In this Documentary we examine the advanced technologies needed for interstellar travel.

Many argue that flying saucers and other extra-terrestrial space ships continuously visit the earth. If that were true, what kinds of technologies would such alien spacecraft require?

Do eyewitness reports of UFO sightings jibe with modern theories of how interstellar travel might be possible? Authors, astronomers and theoretical physicists weigh in with the blueprints for inertia-canceling devices, nuclear-powered craft, antimatter propulsion systems and even warp drives.

Based on Einstein’s theories and countless scientific studies, we’ll find out how these visitors might bridge the vast distances between the stars. And if they could survive such hazardous journeys, are they flesh and blood or intelligent machines?

Topics in this film include – #ufo, #aliens, #ufo sightings, #secret, #alien, #space, #conspiracy, #2012, #nasa, #mystery, #sighting, #unidentified flying object, #roswell, #full ufo documentary, #paranormal, #moon, #ufo documentary, #ufo witness, #unidentified flying object (field of study), #ufos, #illuminati, #strange, #abduction, #exposed, #corporation, #government, #spiritual, occult, #control, #power, #hidden, #truth, #theory, #history, #national security, #norad, #planet, #star, #time, #speed

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Reptilian Alien UFO VS Army & USAF – Incredible Film – Battle For Earth Past & Future

Reptilian Alien UFO VS Army & USAF - Incredible Film - Battle For Earth Past & Future

Star Trek Creator 33 Degree Mason Gene Roddenberry was UFO Majestic 12 group member
Gene used facts & art to convey a message, the same message you shall find here
Reptilians found a way to change Dinosaur asteroid collision outcome & earth past & future
They set time & space warping device in Bermuda
To Replace humans with Reptiloid race that rise from Dinosaurs
Look at yourself in the mirror: less hair, narrower eyes, colder blood, scaly skin, longer life, less emotions
Thanks to Reptilian time & space wrapping device you becoming lesser human every day
In 2017 decision was made on the highest level to stop reptilians
Special Ops Stormed Reptilian ship in Bermuda
And drove them & their shape shifters away from the Cuban base
By the stoke of luck time warping device was recovered
Despite fierce reptilian resistance who were firing plasma balls
And shot down several helicopters
Yet one Chinook with the device made it to US mainland
F35s were dispatched to cover it
One F35 managed to damage Reptilian UFO
Land AA batteries finished it off
And killed its Reptilian pilot
But victory came at heavy cost
This pilot and his „teddy bear co-pilot“ were lucky to survive
Device was delivered to Area 51
Despite relentless Reptilian attacks
Device was indestructible because it „existed out of time“ and every time it pulled itself back together
So it was decided to drop in Mariana trench using C-5 Galaxy with heavy escort
Reptilian shape-shifters stormed Area 51
And killed everyone inside
But 3 C-5 Galaxies were airborne and one of them had the device on board
First one fell in Sierra Nevada mountains & was immediately attacked by Aliens
But C5 Galaxy is strong armored machine and can take some fire
Finally, aliens landed to check for their time & space wrapping device
After UFO left C5 exploded
And shattered in pieces
The second C5 escort plane managed down to ram Alien spaceship
But other saucer shot them all down
Second C5 was not so lucky
It crash landed and immediately exploded in New Mexico desert
Third C5 with the device on board made it to Alaska before it was shot down
By Reptilian high speed drones and plasma artillery
At this point US president gave the order to nuke the device
Invisible for Aliens Stealth bomber was closing in
Yet Reptilian laser literally melted it way from the sky
It was Reptilian Mother Ship coming for help
NORAD Batteries kept frantically firing
But it was too late – Reptilians re-acquired the device
It reset time back and erased memory of those events from humans mind
But every day looking at the mirror you noticing slight changes in your face and your behavior
Every day your human traits are being erased and alien traits becoming more and more prominent
There is a way to stop it but that’s for the next video
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