UFO/USO crash on Baltic Seafloor !!! Ocean Explorer found anomaly in Baltic Sea (Jun.2012)-Teil-1

UFO/USO crash on Baltic Seafloor !!! Ocean Explorer found anomaly in Baltic Sea (Jun.2012)-Teil-1

When two Swedish treasure hunters searched for champagne in shipwrecks, they came across something unusual, something they had never seen before. Our correspondent in Stockholm has more.

When two Swedish treasure hunters went out in June this year searching for ancient bottles of champagne in shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea, they found more than they’d bargained for.

Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg didn’t find any champagne, they found something else.

A huge disc-shaped object showed up in their sonar pictures 197 feet in diameter, as big as a jumbo jet.

[Peter Lindberg, Ocean Explorer]:
„I magnified it, looked at it and realized that this is very unusual, in my years as a treasure hunter I have many hours in front of the sonar, I’ve never seen anything like it.“

On the sonar it looked like a point of impact, as though something had hit the ocean floor, continuing 4000 feet, creating a track before it came to a halt. It had dug into the sea bed making a sand bar on its right side.

The object is about 275 feet deep, the Baltic sea floor is dead with no underwater currents to create such sandbars.
Recently another object was found about 500 feet from the mysterious disc.

According to Peter this object comes from the same direction as the disc and could be a part of it.

Sonar shows the objects are made of hard material. It could be something like hard concrete, granite or of some kind of metals.

The two explorers have been in contact with many experts around the world and no one can say what it is.

But many speculate on things like a Russian ship from the World Wars, a meteorite or a UFO.

[Dennis Åsberg, The ocean explorer team]:
„We live in a universe that is gigantically big. It’s not impossible that it is so. Well then we have found it, that’s cool, but as I said, I believe more that it would be something that is dumped perhaps a submarine base that the Russians had or something like that“

Dennis says that finding a financier for this project is not as easy as when they search for antique wine bottles or historic artifacts.

For those who can afford it there will soon be a chance to follow the ocean explorer team in a submarine on their first trip down to the hidden mystery in May 2012.
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Ancient Aliens | Suppressed „Alien UFO Crash“. New UFO’s Disclosure Documentary

Alien Crashes is a documentary by the History Channel (http://www.history.com/). Exploring the unexplained object that crash landed to earth, followed promptly by a military recovery team.

Many witnesses who saw the entire event beleive the object to be controlled by intelligent presence. Was this a military craft?

Based on Einstein’s theories and countless scientific studies, we’ll find out how these visitors might bridge the vast distances between the stars. And if they could survive such hazardous journeys, are they flesh and blood or intelligent machines? I will let you decide…

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600ft UFO Crash Site Discovered On Mars! 11/23/16

Crash pic: http://www.msss.com/moc_gallery/m07_m12/images/M11/M1101534.html
Cliff UFO: http://www.msss.com/moc_gallery/ab1_m04/nonmaps/AB108505.gif
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In july 2012, a curious Google Earth image was discovered by Russian UFO researcher, Valentin Degterev.

The image quickly made its way around the media, with varying reactions,
Andrew Fleming from the British Antarctic Survey, told the uk newspaper the Mail Online, that the object was clearly a simple crevasse in the ground.

‚They can be tens of metres deep, nothing unusual, It’s certainly not a UFO.‘ Well it seems he may be right, however, an image purporting to be from the same site taken one year earlier has been uncovered.
Researchers looking at previous satellite images of the same site taken in April and December 2011, found what appear to be four massive vehicles parked in the snow, pointed towards a mysterious object.

There appears to be more than a simple crevasse going on in this image.
What appears to be going on is that a huge scientific research centre has been deployed to a meaningless location in an icy desert. which just so happens to be by an object and strange feature in the ice, that looks all for the world like a crashed aircraft pattern, only for it to completely vanish a year later.

What should we make of these earlier satellite images? While some reports identify the shapes as “tanks,” if they really are vehicles, they’re massive in size, probably around 70 feet in length. There are no tire tracks, but they could have been covered by snow or blown away.
They look more like research centres, also note the drift patterning around them towards the object, is this camouflage canvass, why are all the drifts in the same direction and none on the other side of the vehicles?

Is it a crashed alien craft?
If it was, I would have definitely filled in the hole afterwards.
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