Physikalisches Kolloquium der Studierenden vom 4. Juli 2016 – Vortrag mit Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch

Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch von der LMU München sprach am 4. Juli 2016 im Rahmen des Physikalischen Kolloquiums der Studierenden an der Universität Bayreuth zum Thema „Das Anthropozän – Wie der Mensch die Welt verändert“.

In seinem Vortrag im Audimax der Universität Bayreuth geht er auf die einschneidenden Veränderungen unseres Planeten ein, die durch den Menschen herbeigeführt werden. Dabei setzt er sich insbesondere mit der Rolle der Naturwissenschaften und der sich daraus für die Wissenschaftler ergebenden Verantwortung auseinander. Doch auch jeder Einzelne ist zu sorgfältigem Umgang mit unserer wichtigsten Ressource, der Erde, aufgerufen und sollte sich immer wieder fragen, ob sich aus einem „Können“ schon ein „Sollen“ ergibt.

Es ist eine Bayreuther Besonderheit, dass einmal im Semester die Studierenden der Physik Gastgeber bei dieser traditionellen Vortragsreihe sind.

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Russian Pilot reported close encounter with Two UFOs !!! July 2016

Russian Pilot reported close encounter with Two UFOs !!! July 2016

Russian Pilot reported close encounter with Two UFOs !!! July 2016

July 2016 – Russia, Kursk area – 60,000ft. Russian military pilot reported a close encounter with two UFOs, they were filmed by on-board camera. Click here to read the complete article :

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Steiger-Olson Jan 27 - UFOS, Planetary Sized, Seen on NASA Images Planet X?

S1E18 – Join Wayne and Steve as they go and show SECCHI images that are showing some massive UFOS.

UFO Sightings | Secret UFO Alien Documentary 2016 Full HD – Alien Encounters

UFO Sightings | Secret UFO Alien Documentary 2016 Full HD – Alien Encounters. We have all been lied to for too long.

From abduction accounts to government coverups UFOrbs UFO Disclosure Network will expose the truth. This „conspiracy“ documentary has some great ufology information, Alien evidence, UFO sightings and first hand accounts of close encounters.

There is estimated at around 40-50 million extra terrestrial lifeforms live in our own galaxy. Surely with such a huge technological advancement in our own engineering knowledge over the last decade. surly with the billions of known galaxies in the vast universe, we are not so ignorant as to think we are the only ones.

Education on the controversial subject of UFO’s is fundamental for our race. Now becoming increasingly more accessible and convenient for UFO witnesses and UFO enthusiasts worldwide to communicate and share lessons and experiences.

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UFOrbs UFO Disclosure Network Production.

UFOrbs is a Real UFO disclosure network discussing and educating on all things UFO. With discussion on the Latest UFO News in 2016. UFO Footage & Sighting’s from around the globe. This information is educational and informative, But will also be addressing controversial topics. Please enjoy responsibly.

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BERMUDADREIECK LIVE@Rockwiese 2016 (Full Live Set)

Komplettes Liveset von der Rockwiese 2016
Vielen Dank an alle Mitwirkenden.
Band: Bermudadreieck
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Gitarre&Gesang: Sebastian Biewer
Bass&Gesang: Julius Biewer
Gitarre: Gabriel Rothley
Drums: Sebastian Schmitt
Lorenz Wollstein
Thilo Stromberg
Pierre Griese
Michael Biewer

Vielen Dank auch an alle Helfer aus dem Café Exodus und dem Devilsplace. Vielen Dank auch an alle Fans die mit uns gefeiert haben.

00:00:00 Luxusbitch
00:03:14 Scheißegal
00:06:55 Ska am Morgen
00:08:55 Lass uns so tun
00:11:25 Urlaub von Dir
00:14:00 Ich bin nicht verliebt
00:18:30 Hüpfen und Springen
00:23:36 Pogo im Bus
00:25:50 Eigentlich
00:31:00 Weitergehen
00:34:40 Bis ans Ende
00:39:35 Nie mehr schweigen
00:45:25 Mainstream
00:48:30 Entschieden Unentschieden
00:52:00 Lass uns Helden sein
00:56:55 Irrenhaus
01:01:30 El Politicos
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TOP 20 best UFO video from all over the World / 2016

UFO, the mysterious moving object that appears in the sky occasionally is claimed to have no orthodox scientific explanation regarding its existence. As per the prevailing belief they are flying saucer and the same can be a monster spaceships carrying real extraterrestrials through clouds. Nowadays, UFO sighting has been a matter of amusement rather than a concern, even though there are ample evidences about their scary appearance. However, in postmodern culture, where Alien Videos are common, the movement of UFO needs to be taken as a serious matter. The appearance of flying saucer and their real images caught on tape is a proof of Alien life and the same has ignited the curiosity of NASA. They are in a set out to find out the hidden secrets of the extraterrestrials in the Universe.
Unidentified Flying Objects are reported to have often observed by air force personnel in military during their preparation for encounters. They used to mistake these flying objects as the consequence of the conspiracy of their rival groups. Some of the latest UFO incidents are caught on video camera by these daredevils, and their video footage has generated a big question mark in front of science.
In our Alien Planet Youtube channel, we have done our best to present the UFO related footage in a splendid manner. In that, you can view the real scary stories of UFO objects and enjoy yourself by leaving back a thought in your mind

Huge archive of over 10,000 documentaries online that you can watch on channel Secret Knowledge! Subjects of documentaries of our channel:
1) Distant and attractive space: video space, all the mysteries of the cosmos, and unsolved mysteries of the cosmos.
2) UFO – unidentified flying objects, new videos about UFOs, what is the Supreme intelligence, who were ancient aliens and where are UFOs now?
3) Ancient civilizations that lived on Earth thousands of years ago. Mysteries of ancient and interesting mysteries of ancient civilizations. The great mystery of Egypt, the construction of the pyramids on the Giza plateau.
4) All the mysteries of history – from ancient times to our time. The truth about ancient highly developed civilizations, Atlantis, Hyperborea and Lemuria. The secrets of the history of the 20th century was all about the second world war, about the secret societies and secret organizations.
5) Anomalous zones and anomalous phenomena. Places of power and portals to other worlds.
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UFOs gibt es wirklich – Erschreckende Beweise – Doku 2016 (HD *NEU*)

Wenn’s euch gefällt, dann hinterlasst ein herzliches Abo und drückt das Däumchen hoch für mehr neue Dokumentationen (Dokus) und Reportagen 🙂

UFOs gibt es wirklich – Erschreckende Beweise – Doku 2016 (HD *NEU*)
UFOs gibt es wirklich – Erschreckende Beweise – Doku 2016 (HD *NEU*)