The blog of Dr. John H. Watson – The Visitor

221B gets a visitor.
From BBC’s Sherlock, John Watson’s character blog gets hacked.
View the entry here:

Who lives in a house like this?
It’s only meee~
How clean is your house? {reference to a TV show of the same name}
I smell baking. It’s apple pie. The glorious Mrs. Hudson.
God, look at the wall.
So here we are: Sherlock Holmes HQ.
Too many notes. {reference to the movie Amadeus}
Boring, boring.
He’s put headphones on it, good god.
Books books books…
What do we have here? Temper temper temper…
A skull!? I wonder what your skull would look on my wall.
More skulls, more skulls.
Market stall tat…
How the hours must fly by…
Alas, poor Sherlock, I knew you well. (laugh) {oft misquoted from Hamlet}
Time to go, time to go. (laugh, fade out)

15 Gedanken zu „The blog of Dr. John H. Watson – The Visitor“

  1. 0:57 I think he says "Tat", a British slang word for useless or cheap crap, like little nip, or toys, or collectibles etc. Just another word for "stuff", but which is always physical things.

  2. hell ! thanks you im so glad i could at least see the video hahaha my computer did not want to help me when i tryed to see them in the blog n the oficcial page… hell so great x) thanks again

  3. I love that Moriarty breaks into the flat just to judge everything. "A skull?!" "Look at that wall…" I'd love to see Sherlock's commentary for Jim's HQ. (There's your writing prompt, everybody!)

  4. okay but how often do you think Jim just fucking waltzes into 221B and like chills for an hour while sherlock and john are out?

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