Twone Scott & D.R. Watson – 90’s Mash Up

Going in on a mix of 90’s based instrumentals (with exception of Rock The Boat…’01…close enough)

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This is the original song I wrote, not Dr Watsons Music Box.

Moriarty sat on a wall, Sherlock Holmes had a great fall.
And all Lestrade’s horses and al Mycroft’s men, couldn’t put Watson together again.

Lyrics by bonnie-sans-clyde.

Mina Harrison

Inspired by BBC Sherlock’s Theme Melody by David Arnold and Michael Price.

No copyright infringement intended.

14 Gedanken zu „Twone Scott & D.R. Watson – 90’s Mash Up“

  1. your voice is pure gold! I love this song! so far I've listened to this, carry on my wayward song (which I fell in love with one you started singing) and another which I forgot the name too haha….but your voice is golden!

  2. I love this song so much, I listen to it everyday and it just gets better each time but it is so brilliant that was inspired by the lyrics to make a poster using the lyrics so I credited you in the description and I'm just editing it with the link to both of the versions to the song and who made the lyrics and if you want to see what I came up with then here's the link to the picture and I hope there's more to come from you because you are amazing!

  3. Just out of curiosity, do you have a tumblr account? I'm on there way more often than the others, and I wanted to follow you. c:

  4. If you guys want to be updated on what I'm currently doing follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram! Links in the description 🙂 

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