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Was Einstein noch nicht wusste – Folge 2 – Das vibrierende Universum – 2003

In dieser dreiteiligen Serie stellt der amerikanische Physiker Brian Greene seine Suche nach der „Theorie von Allem“, der so genannten Weltformel vor. Es handelt sich in der Dokumentation um eine Fernsehadaptation von Greenes Bestseller „Das elegante Universum“ (2000). Mit Spezialeffekten und Computerbildern macht der Theoretiker Greene die komplexen naturwissenschaftlichen Theorien von Newton über Einstein bis zur String-Theorie, dessen führender Vertreter er ist, für den Zuschauer verständlich.

Die Dokumentation beginnt mit einer Kino-Szene, in der die Entstehung des Universums bis zum Urknall zurückverfolgt wird. Die beiden bisherigen Grundlagentheorien, Relativitätstheorie und Quantenmechanik, kollidieren miteinander und stellen das derzeitige Weltbild in Frage. Die String-Theorie tritt auf den Plan, nach der die kleinsten Objekte im Universum keine Punkte, sondern schwingende Energiestränge sind. Brian Greene beschreibt die abenteuerliche Entwicklung von einer 200 Jahre lang vergessenen mathematischen Formel zu den ersten Ideen von messtechnisch nicht nachweisbaren Energiesträngen, aus denen Quarks, Elektronen, Photonen und anderen Elementarteilchen entstehen.

Für ein besseres Verständnis hilft es, sich die Strings so groß wie ein Baum vorzustellen. Jedes Atom hätte im vergleich dazu die Größe eines Universums. Durcheinander bringt die String-Theorie auch die Vorstellung von den vier Dimensionen von Raum und Zeit, denn ihr zufolge muss das Universum aus mindestens zehn Dimensionen bestehen. Greene zeigt, wie diese zusätzlichen Dimensionen ineinander gefaltet sein könnten und führt zum Vergleich ein Stromkabel an. Dieses wirkt von weitem wie eine gerade Strecke. Eine Ameise wird beim Hineinschlüpfen jedoch eine weitere, runde Dimension entdecken: Den Kreisumfang, der für das Auge nicht sichtbar ist. Die Strings, so die Theorie, vibrieren in unglaublich winzigen Schwingungen, die letztlich für die Existenz der Erde verantwortlich sind.
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5 UFO Sightings Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

5 UFOs Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


Unidentified flying objects are exactly that. You may give a quizzical look to that eye witness on your local TV station when they say they spotted a UFO. But what would you say when a military pilot, with years of experience in flight training claims they have seen an object in the sky that they cannot identify? What registers as more disturbing is when these military officers report officially chasing the flying objects! With this being said, prepare, because here are 5 Chilling Military Encounters With UFOs! Ready? Well, lets begin!

1. Operation Highjump

Operation High Jump, or the Invasion of Antarctica, was led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd at a time when German Naval units were being encountered in South Atlantic as late as 1947. One conspiracy theory states that the reason America’s military was quite suspicious of this area was because a German expedition into the Antarctica in 1938 led to a vast series of underground caravans heated by subterranean rivers that finally became the new home to the Nazi regime. They made contact with ancient aliens and with extra-terrestrial help, constructed flying crafts that resembled classic UFOs. The enemy had to be eliminated which explains Admiral Byrd’s mission.

2. The USS Memphis Encounter

The day was October 24, 1989. At 150 miles off the Florida coast and aboard of the submarine U.S.S. Memphis, the submarine began experiencing electrical anomalies, malfunctioning systems and loss of navigation. The captain ordered all systems shut down and the submarine surfaced. Once above wáter, the surface watch could see the rainy night lit up red with a large inverted V-shaped object hovering over the port side. The object was half a mile across. However, when it made a half-circle around the submarine passing the stern at a remarkable speed, the electronic systems went haywire…again. The sailors lost sight of the huge object and in split seconds everything got back to normal. Air Force authorities attempted to explain the sighting as an exploding weather satellite.

3. The 1986 Brazilian Air Force Chase

On the night of May 19th, 1989 the Brazilian Air Defense command saw foreign objects travelling at speeds of 1,000 mph. Binoculars showed that the travelling objects were red-orange in color with defined edges. Ozires Silva’s private jet, a retired air force colonel spotted the objects at an altitude of 10,000 feet. He gave the orders to follow the objects. Two F-5E jet fighters were launched from Anapolis airbase to intercept the objects but were first unable to visually confirm the objects. As the jets attempted to close the distance, the objects were maneuvering in a zigzag motion before disappearing into thin air. And up to this day, it all remains a mystery…

4. The Dulce Incident of 1979

The story is narrated by Schneider, an engineer contracted by the US government in 1979 to work on the construction of a secret military base in Dulce. He claims that the site had a heavily armed Special Forces Unit presence, until one day, when conducting underground drilling, the crew came face to face with gray-skinned aliens. The military escort opened fire and managed to kill two of them before one fired some sort of plasma beam back at them. America lost sixty men that day- both soldiers and engineers were killed. Only a handful made it out alive. The aliens retreated to the cavern and it is believed they may still be there until today. Later on, Schneider was found murdered execution style.

5. The 1998 Chinese Air Force Encounter

Eye witnesses at a military flight training school in Changzhou, Hebei province report seeing UFOs that looked like small stars that had a mushroom-shaped dome on top, and a flat bottom containing brilliant, rotating lights. As a military jet tried pursuing it got close, the object would shoot up and accelerate out of range before returning to a position right above it. The pilot was denied permission to open fire and had to break off his pursuit at an altitude of 39,600 feet when he began running out of fuel.

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´Astronaut HOAX´ Reveals Truth About UFOs & Fallen Angels! (2017)
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Making sense of string theory | Brian Greene In clear, nontechnical language, string theorist Brian Greene explains how our understanding of the universe has evolved from Einstein’s notions of gravity and space-time to superstring theory, where minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe. (This mind-bending theory may soon be put to the test at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva).

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