18 Gedanken zu „dr watson“

  1. It's gotta be said, this Watson (compared to the TV Watson) has so much more power over Sherlock. It's like, Jude Law's Watson says stuff which seems to actually have an impact on Sherlock Holmes whereas Martin Freeman's Watson says stuff which doesn't appear to have much of an impact on Sherlock.

  2. "in another life you'd have made an excellent criminal."
    "yes; and you, sir, an excellent policeman."
    that is the most cruelly brilliant comeback and i had completely forgotten it. this freaking movie….

  3. funny, untill now i didnt know that the charecter of Big joe is actually fairly known as Big joe in real life, he sparred with Mike Tyson back in the 80s and beat a former world heavyweight champion on points the once. Its a small world after all.

  4. This scene kinds reminds me that movie Grumpy old Men with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon… This is just a hilarious scene!

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