BLACK OPS | MILITARY COVERUP „Secret Alien Tech“ – Documentary 1080p

„BLACK OPS“ | MILITARY COVERUP „Secret Alien Tech“ – Documentary 1080p

Secret Alien Technology is a Documentary in 1080p HD. This documentary includes some great witness footage and testimonies from ex military workers such as „Bob Lazar“ who claimed to work on the back engineering of reclaimed extraterrestrial craft at the now well known base of „Area 51“

We the people have to be very careful not to lose our internet freedoms and rights. I fear the internet padlock ever closing just as Conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, David Icke and many others predicted. When i say predicted let me just clarify.

The governments and authorities tell people exactly what will happen, Sadly, most of us can be to short sighted. So much to learn with little time to do the research.

People rely on the media’s version of News not because of ignorance or belief what you hear will be truthful, Although these rules may apply to some. It’s because such little time is available between work, bills, racial divisions. Simply put. I know it is hard to make the time.Fox News, BBC News narrative wins.

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UFOrbs is a Real UFO disclosure network discussing and educating on all things UFO. With discussion on the Latest UFO News in 2016. UFO Footage & Sighting’s from around the globe. This information is educational and informative, But will also be addressing controversial topics. Please enjoy responsibly.

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12 Gedanken zu „BLACK OPS | MILITARY COVERUP „Secret Alien Tech“ – Documentary 1080p“

  1. We no longer require the services of the government because they have done nothing but steal our money, lied to us, selected the presidents making us believe that the president was elected by the people. They have with heald any and all the knowledge about us and about our past. The NASA, IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, UNITED NATIONS, SASA SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN AND THE CONGRESS AND SENATE SHOULD BE GREATELY LIMITED TO WHO THEY ARE REALLY RESPONSIBLE TO, THE PEOPLE BECAUS THE PEOPLE PAY THEIR WAGES, BUT THEY HAVE SETTLED FOR BIGER PAY OFFS FROM FORIEGN AND WELL KNOWN COMPANIES AND THE LIKE. Besides we do not need as many government people as their are in the government as there are. No government official should not be allowed to ever work for the government ever again. NATO is another organization that we can gladly do without.

  2. Forty years where the hell have you been. it should have been for twenty six thousand years. or did you suddenly have a memory lapse. It was just two nights ago I had a visit from two giants.y were both very nice but one was shy and the other talked my head off. I wish I could have offered them better accomodations but I have a very small home but they were welcome to anything I have. they really were very nice. I wish I could have gotten their names but my memory isn't that wall.

  3. take there technology so u can study and stab them fucks in the head
    and time travel stealig there filhty kids and shove things up there kids arse oles
    and kill KILLLLL EM ALLLLL

  4. The public pay for this research ,and then are kept in the dark and lied too . the public should refuse to pay their tax on this alone .

  5. One time I was abducted by aliens, & they touched my penile area, aka genitals. One of the Aliens went wee-wee in my mouth. I know it's true because when I woke up, I could still taste the wee!! I also crapped my pants on the UFO, & when I awoke, there was a log of doody smooshed in my pantaloons aka underpants!! I sent my shit to the White House to check for Alien DNA, & I'll let you know what they say. The other day when I went to the bathroom at Barnes & Noble, there was a Man in Black in the stall next to me pretending to take a plop! I know he was watching me because I could smell his waste, & it wasn't human!! I kicked open the stall door, & pee-peed right in his face, just to give me enough time to escape!!

  6. I don't know if this was a ufo but one night on a lonely test road i was testing out the new mods I had put on my Chrysler this car was one of the fastest cars in my state and as I was heading out on this dead and dark road I to about 200 kmph and was accelerating fast but then I was past by what I can only describe as a rally car with 4 big bright head lights that were as powerful as the sun it blinded me for a moment this thing past me like i was standing still and rocked a almost 2 ton car as it past me it made no noise this was a time when video cams cost as much as your car and the internet was barely a spread sheet to look at it also had no tail lights I tried to catch it reaching speeds up to 270 kmph but didn't see a thing it was gone. to this day I wonder was the hell could of been that fast

  7. I saw ufo while in Saudi Arabia I don't know how to post it here in youtube because it's a picture but I can email the pic who ever is interested no joke I saw it with my own eyes I have a picture to prove it

  8. One night in October 1994 they came into my room. I know it happened because my friend across town was visited at the same time AND his father in another state, all the same night, simultaneously. I now have sightings about once a month here in Spain. I have videos if you want to see.

  9. If this shit was real don't you think there might be some evidence from recent events? Every shitty documentary on Youtube just has the same old crap stolen from other documentaries made in 2003.

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