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  1. I like your message about positive spiritual energy. It is a good message. I do not agree with your stories about the ancient peoples. Atlantis did not sink into the ocean, it is still there, under 2.5 km of ice and we now call it Antarctica. I have analized much information about ancient maps and the teachings of Plato and i am very sure that Atlantis IS Antarctica.
    I also believe in Charles Hapgood's theory of crust displacement which explains why Antarctica was moved from a temperate climate into the arctic circle. It also explains the abrupt end of the last ice age that happened ~12000 years ago. There is a plethora of archeological evidence that supports this theory. Hundreds of animal and plant species went extinct during the climate changes that occured during that event. The flooding of the coastal cities came bacause of the rapid melting of the polar ice caps after the crust shifted.
    We know that Antarctica was not covered in ice because there are many ancient maps that show its coastal outline as it stands without the ice cover. Plato also describes it as being a huge continent, larger than Africa or Asia (as they knew it back then). Indeed all of the coastal cities of Atlantis were flooded during the cataclysm, but their ruins are still there, waiting to be discovered. As the polar ice caps slowly melt because our forced global warming we will find out where the ruins of Atlantis lie.
    Have a great day.

  2. Wait a minute, You said Atlantis is in the Atlantic ocean hence the name Atlantis. I'm no expert but I'm fairly certain the name for the Atlantic ocean is a relatively new name for that body of water compared to the history of earth. What evidence do you have that the ocean was called the Atlantic Ocean 11,000 years ago? Especially seeing the earliest evidence of recorded history we have on record isn't even that old.

  3. I believe this I have had visions in my life of what you were saying from the past. Thank-you for sharing this knowledge.

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