The Secret Location of Atlantis Revealed

Stan Deyo tells Infowars how he discovered the true location of Atlantis.

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12 Gedanken zu „The Secret Location of Atlantis Revealed“

  1. Atlantis – two interpretations: old kingdom of fallen angels and his sons with women, the giants, all over the world, killed (most of them) by The Deluge;; and the Garden of Eden, where came the first fallen angels, covered with water. Sumerians called it Edin where their gods appeared first. Must have been taken by waters in The Deluge.

  2. Wow. After listening to this and the research that completely confounds many that are totally blind. There are many that are aware of the spiritual war in which we are truly in. The piped piper is playing his tune having the blind follow him to steal many souls because people are stupid to follow what the government's suggestions are. Our government follow the elites and they are following the fallen ones, and the fallen ones follow Satan. If people actually used the devices stuck in their faces to do research instead of wasting knowledge, then they would see the truth. Read the Bible and look into what is really going around you. Repent and rule with Jesus, Satan loses in the end. Jesus will come and All will now when He returns. Amen!!

  3. Interesting presentation. I wish he didn't ruin it with all that 'god's anger' garbage. Seriously, if there were a god that could create black holes, plasma, gamma radiation and all that confounds the mind, why would it throw rocks at a planet from who knows where constantly, of which only a few ever strike with varying degrees of damage. The people whose minds these stories were designed to control did not have daily education in science and math that afforded them extrapolated intellect and reasoning, yet in this modern era these fables are still entrenched.

  4. I think there was 5 advanced civilization like Lemuria and Mu…etc with technogy this could be 1 of them but Atlantis was the coast of mexican golf down to brazil..

  5. lost me at "bible prophecy and noah was a atlantian". was interested until you went all evangelical and tryin to push bible and christianity on people.

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