$25,000 per night hotel! Atlantis Bahamas!

,000 per night hotel! Atlantis Bahamas!

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Music – “You Lift Me Up” by Mikey Wax.
These guys are amazing go check out their stuff and buy the song!

Edited by Austin Wilson
Devin Graham

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16 Gedanken zu „$25,000 per night hotel! Atlantis Bahamas!“

  1. Man seemed like an awesome trip! Take it or leave it, I would for future vlog-style videos use a more chill kinda music, the track is awesome but it doesnt really fit here imo, just my two cents. You're a big inspiration btw.

  2. i love these kind of videos Devin 🙂 it shows you are just a normal pretty down to earth guy that just happens to have a YouTube channel with 4.5 mio subs

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