Bobby Hemmitt | Passion of Atlantis – Pt. 2/6 (24Feb01)

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Bobby Hemmitt | Passion of Atlantis – Pt. 2/6 Charlotte, NC 24Feb01

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Bobby Hemmitt | Passion of Atlantis – Pt. 2/6 (24Feb01) Charlotte

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Forbidden Archeology of Atlantis looks at the Bimini Wall: The saga of the giant stones found at the bottom of the Caribbean. probes whether they might be part of the ancient, supposedly mythical, empire of Atlantis. Explores the possibility that 14 huge stone buildings beneath the waters of The Bahamas, and a 2000 year old computer part, the Antikythera Mechanism, are part of the lost empire of Atlantis.

If we imagine the Forbidden Archaeology of humanity as giant museum, containing all Forbidden knowledge on this topic, then we shall find that several of the rooms of this forbidden museum have been locked. Scientists have locked away the Forbidden artifacts that contradict the generally accepted picture of history. Forbidden Ancient Archeology, Forbidden Technology, Forbidden Science and other unexplained Phenomena will be covered on this channel.
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  1. Holy people don't get sick and don't die? Isn't Bobby I'll right now? Didn't Dr Sebi, Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Ben, Dr Clarke, Dr Welsing, etc become ill and die? As for the money didn't Bobby give several spells to bring in large sum of monies? What changed? I agree with Bobby that it seems impossible to feel content with wealth and comforts when so many of our people world wide are suffering.

  2. The guy at around 4:00, you can tell he is a naturally honest person and how difficult it is for him to lie about his findings. Sucks to be in that position.

  3. Is America The next Atlantis?
    Learn The TRUTH -The way Things Really ARE, not the way Things APPEAR TO BE.
    Are you ready to LEARN & LIVE?
    I found the ANSWERS at:

  4. these old documentaries are great because back then there was way less censorship of tv.
    By their unrepeatable works, the fact is there were inhabitants of our planet far smarter than we are today. Deal with it

  5. Certainly these explorers are pirates as none of these discoveries have been reported to the Bahamian government or people.

  6. Atlantians were a mixed breed of people. Whites, blacks, browns, all living in harmony. Isn't it amazing, how much we have went backwards in the respects of our tolerance of others? It just blows my mind.

  7. Just another Misleading title, so some low life paid for fuckin views, Asshat You've been reported. Oh Btw Just like these other view scammers for $$$ Shitty low archaic Upload!!!!!!

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