Girl Abduction By UFO Aliens Filmed For The First Time In Human History

We don’t make promises we cannot fulfill. As many of you asked. Actual footage from inside of Alien Spaceship is coming early January 2017. And it will be the most incredible thing you have even seen. Scientists asked us 1 month time to study it before it will be publicly aired and they shall get it.
Bridget Nielsen, Aluna Verse, Lucy Liu, Kesha, Coco Austin & hundreds women came up with lunatic alien abduction story. After seeing video the story doesn’t appear lunatic
4.00 PM November 24, 2016 Central California – UFO Spotted Over Northern CA Moving From Nevada
4.15 PM – 12 Feet (4 M) Gray alien spotted by Linda security camera near Sacramento. She called 911
4.30 PM – Local Sheriff deputy (note his is 6 Feet tall) interrupted his Thanksgiving & stopped by & found nothing. And, after seeing tape, said it was the weirdest trespassing prank.
6.00 PM – Nearby camper started to film strange lights in the wooded area, which he first mistook for the Moon
6.15 PM Once he came closer he realized that object is anything but a Moon
6.30 PM – UFO lowered in the same area. Linda took her iPhone and went to take a closer look
6.45 PM – Linda found herself sitting on 8 Feet (3 M) fence being sucked into UFO vortex on top of her
6.50 PM – Linda was about 100 Feet (30 M) in the air. Aliens abducted the girl & it was caught on security camera
1.00 AM November 25 Girl found unharmed but with a strange marks 500 miles away in Nevada
Linda (name changed per girl request) recorded on her iPhone everything that happened to her inside UFO
What we saw there was beyond incredible
November 28, 2016 Experts confirmed that footage is authentic no CGI. We will air it next month

Coordinate 1: 32 30.7651 S, 159 02.3935 W
Coordinate 2: 31 41.7236 N, 58 05.5429 W
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23 Gedanken zu „Girl Abduction By UFO Aliens Filmed For The First Time In Human History“

  1. wow shows that we are not alone thank you for sharing your story ! Could you please tell me where I could find the name of the music? Of the second track thanks it's Awsome !

  2. fucking fake. fakes just make people not believe in actual true evidence. Stop wasting peoples time and making it impossible to discover the truth on the ufo phenomenon.

  3. What security camera is going to pick up anything that is 100 foot in the air?!?!? NONE because security cameras dont point up in the air! DUH!

  4. Now the fuck-up news media is trying to get people to believe this bull-shit about aliens and flying saucers,Well I don,t know about anyone else but until I actually see one I,m not going to believe it either

  5. I love secure team but these could be 3D representations of the ocean floor mapped out from radars or whatever and could be completely incorrect

  6. I agree with quite a few others on the comments board – please stick to real objective video and/or pics instead of too much stretching you know what I mean. I like a lot of videos of yours isn't too par

  7. i like you tyler. i like your Channel. but it seems like you got your details mixed up this time the first one definitely looks like a pit although there's no real way to tell because Google Earth can't possibly take accurate photos of the sea floor that deep. and in the second photo based on the Shadows it appears that your disc shaped object burrowed underneath the dirt creating a hill not a trench , that is if the Shadows are even correct. maybe you should get some sleep bro. ill also add that light wound not make it to the sea floor in most places that deep. to be honest evidence found in the sea in deep locations with Google Earth might as well be considered inconclusive.

  8. You're getting it, Tyler. This is the way your presentations should be. I'm glad you're putting info out being "possibly" this or that and not "It's aliens! Just aliens! AIEEEE!"
    I know I'm probably not your most favourite follower, I think you have something good going on and I want you to keep up doing good work with some objectivity.
    Keep it up, Tyler. Have a productive and eventful new year.

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